Assignment 2: What’s Hidden.

The theme for the second #JRNL102 assignment I decided to use my friend Marty who is a 60 year old alcoholic. His electric sense of character and brutal honesty is what intrigued me to use him as my subject. I met Marty at a bar he occasionally goes to, mostly because he is banned from every other bar in the Illawarra. Most people that come across Marty will think his just another drunk old man that yells and views him as an entertainment rather than an intellectual human being. Once you break down the barrier of the goon bag he constantly carries around, I started to build a relationship. A relationship with someone that challenges my perceptions on almost every subject and offers me the most profound life advice that I have never thought of before. His perceptions on society is what intrigued me greatly, the courage and bravery to disconnect himself from society’s expectations on how someone should live is inspiring. The decision to not surrender but rather stand up to society and the corruption of society and build his own ideas that aren’t influenced by external forces contains great intellect. One that not many people possess. Marty’s way of living is based on minimalism and doing what makes you happy, whether that be drinking all day or smoking a pack of ‘rollies’ without a filter. He is completely and unapologetically being himself and being true to what he believes in. The hidden characteristics of Marty is what people often get distracted by the walls of his image, his appearance, the housing commission he lives in and his alcoholism. What people don’t put the effort to discover is the real Marty that wakes up at 4:30am to clean his house and walk to the Wollongong Library to research and discuss the current affairs of the world. He often emails journalists and challenge their views on matters and occasionally gets feedback so he is constantly educating himself, not by the news on the television but through the internet and bases his own views that aren’t based on a bias subjective source.


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