Media ownerships: I’m in control…I think?

I'd ¬†like to think that I would consider myself as someone who doesn't get washed up by mainstream media. To be frankly honest I don't really intentionally, ¬†actively connect or engage myself in any kind of news media, especially commercial television. Ironic, I know as a Communications and Media student. However, I've discovered that somehow… Continue reading Media ownerships: I’m in control…I think?


Semiotics: I saw the signs and it opened up my eyes

If someone had asked me to explain semiotics in one image. The image to the left would be it. If you have been living under a rock and haven't come across this image which is highly unlikely. Then you would have not known that this image, an image of a simple dress had sparked global… Continue reading Semiotics: I saw the signs and it opened up my eyes

The Media: Bringing society so close yet so far

It isn't recent information that the media is at constant consumption in modern society . There have been many sources expressing the paradoxical nature of the media, the idea that the media improves and makes it more accessible to communicate with each other but in fact does the contrary and disconnects people from interacting with… Continue reading The Media: Bringing society so close yet so far